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Enjoy it on the"Fjordterrassen"


Fjordbris Hotell offers "Festmeny" and "Selskapsmeny" at various booked events in our various scars premises.

Located in the countryside - Østhusvik on Rennesøy, unfortunately our kitchen are not able to stay open for

other than booked group events. In season this means several evenings a week. If you want to bring a smaller group for dinner here, you may call us and check whether the kitchen is operated.

"Fjordterrassen" - bar and café is open during the weekends - afternoon and early evenings.

Here you get drinks of any kind - pizza, fish & chips, soup, different cakes and soft ice.


Open for booked group events


weekend open.

is open Friday at 15-20, Saturday 14-20

and Sunday 13-17.

See menu for cafe and "Take away".

Ordering "take away" - phone 923 36 735

Applies to summer season - from Easter to October - (may want year-round activity)


Booking of events
- or table

+47 922 33 900


Fjordbris Hotell would like to offer our good kitchen for events even outside the house walls.

Overtime food - fixed deliveries, parties, meetings and events of various kinds. Sandwiches, sandwiches, wraps, cakes,

cold tables, dinners and desserts of various kinds - click for catering menu on the button abowe.

Delivery takes place over the counter or transport can be arranged. The minimum order is described on the menu sheet.

Contact us well in advance due to the need to adapt production to internal activity and necessary procurement.

telefon - 922 33 900

Fredag kl 16-20, lørdag kl 14-20, søndag kl 14-18.
Velkommen innom eller ring for take away tlf. 923 36 735

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